Hunter Biden Admits Mistakes While Denying His Father s Involvement in His Business Affairs

Hunter Biden Admits Mistakes While Denying His Father s Involvement in His Business Affairs

Wed 13 Dec 2023 18:33
The son of the American president, Hunter Biden, addressed the media at the Capitol in Washington, publicly acknowledging that he has made mistakes in his life. He emphasized that he is willing to answer questions from House Republicans but only in a public hearing.

Hunter Biden explained that his appearance in front of the cameras aimed to ensure that ongoing investigations into his family are not based on distortions, manipulated evidence, and lies. He criticized the repeated attacks from Republicans, accusing them of dehumanizing him and harming his father, who has dedicated his public life to service.

Acknowledging his mistakes and extremely irresponsible financial behavior, Hunter Biden asserted that his father, Joe Biden, has never been involved in his business affairs, thus refuting persistent accusations. He categorically stated that his father had no financial involvement in his companies, neither as a lawyer, nor as a board member of Burisma, nor in his domestic and foreign business partnerships.

Hunter Biden labeled the accusations against Joe Biden as absurd and baseless, claiming there is no evidence supporting these allegations. He severely criticized Republicans for their repeated lies about his personal and professional life, highlighting the lack of justice and decency in their actions.

Hunter Biden s appearance comes amid facing nine new federal charges related to tax evasion, in addition to existing charges for weapons possession. This media intervention also occurs amidst an investigation into allegations of Joe Biden s involvement in his family s business schemes, accusations that the American president categorically rejects.

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